There are times when some or all boats may be available but are not book-able online — these are indicated by the aqua-colord “Please Call” blocks on the individual boat calendars, but will appear as “X’s” or “not available” in the online reservation system. If you would like to rent a boat for a period spanning a day marked “Please Call” (or within a period so marked) — please call, text message, or e-mail us.

We expect that our 2017 season will extend to Columbus Day weekend, although we may start hauling some of our boats out in late September.

Our 2018 season will start in late May to mid June depending on when we can get the boats commissioned and launched. For 2018, we are currently only accepting reservations for “week” rentals (5 days or longer) in July, August, or September… We will begin accepting reservations for 2018 rentals of less than a week in late May.