Boating in December?

This morning, December 29, someone called to inquire about renting a boat in the afternoon! Yes, it was a nice sunny day — a chill settling in towards the end of the afternoon — but it is the middle of winter! There was even a thin skin of ice on the west harbor this morning!

Icy View From Shore at Harborfields
An icy view from the shore at Harborfields Cottages

The boats were hauled out and winterized back in October; our dock floats were hauled out for winter storage in November; and all the moorings have been pulled as well. The process will reverse in the spring, with the moorings and dock going in likely sometime in April, with the boats likely not being commissioned until late in May… Welcome to Maine!

Wharf Cottage at Harborfields iced in
The Wharf Cottage is iced in!