She said yes!

Nik asked for our help.

He wanted to rent a boat the following weekend, but he also wanted us to plant a bottle with a message on a beach on an island, for his girlfriend to find. He was going to propose!

How can you say no to a request like that? And of course we would photograph the whole thing for him, too!

So after much planning, today was the big day.

Nik and Shreya came and we got them set up in one of our rental boats. Nik had surreptitiously slipped me the bottle to be planted. Ron and I took off in another boat shortly after they left, and got to the island dock just before they did. I ran over to the beach, planted the bottle, informed the kayakers who just landed on the beach what was going on, and then ran back to our boat. Nik and Shreya circled the island again while this was going on, coming back to the island dock after we had left. Ron and I went around to the cove and grabbed a mooring off the beach, from where we could photograph the event.

TheSceneIsSetThe scene is set….

HereTheyComeHere they come!

FindingBottle2Finding the bottle washed up in the seaweed.

ThereIsAMessageInIt2Hey, there’s a message inside!

WhatDoesMessageSay2What does it say?

WillYouMarryMeWill you marry me?

RingOnItPutting a ring on it!

KissI think this means she said yes!

SheSaidYesDefinitely a yes!

ThanksGuysThanks Guys!

NikCollageCollage from Nik and Shreya.